Dec 27, 2011

Bing Xun WIP1

I'm having trouble photographing this painting because it is so big. So the quality of the image is pretty high. This is about the best I can do for right now with my camera. I'll try to borrow a better camera from a friend to at least get a better image when I finish this painting.

Send me a comment and let me know what you think.

Baby Commissions: Lea

Here is my second baby commission for the holidays.

It was painted with Yellow Ochre, Indian Red, Burnt Umber, and Van Dyke Brown. It was painted on a 6in x 8in masonite panel.

Baby Commissions: Arlo

Most of the Christmas presents I gave this year were portraits. So I was unable to post them until after the holidays, otherwise they wouldn't have been a surprise.

Here is the first one that I worked on, a portrait of Arlo. This painting was done with Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red, Burnt Umber, Sap Green, and Van Dyke Brown. It was painted on a 6in x 8in masonite panel.

Dec 18, 2011

Bing Xun Dead Color

I'm still working on this and will post again when it is more finished, but I just wanted to send something out to the blogosphere because it's been awhile.

Dec 7, 2011

Bing Xun Thumbnail

I started a new painting this week. It may take me awhile to get it up and running because I still have to finish with the drawing and preparing the canvas.

This is only a 5 x 7 thumbnail painting that I did to work out the colors that I will be using. The final version will be an 18 x 24 half body sized painting which includes hands. I haven't painted actual hands in a very long time, hopefully they don't turn into creepy sausage fingers.