Nov 26, 2012

Ken Portrait

I finally had some extra time to finish this portrait.

16" x 20"
Pastel on Paper

As a side note the fixative I used on this drawing completely ruined it.  The color is gone, and all of the details are lost.  Never use Krylon products, ever.

Nov 20, 2012

Ken Pastel Portrait

I've spent some time lately working with Pastels and I have to say that they solve many issues that I have with painting.  I don't need to pre-mix colors, and colors are all consistent.  The downside of course is that there are only a handful of shades and values to work with in Pastel.

This is a portrait of one of my former students from my Portrait drawing class.

Ken: 16x20" Pastel on Paper

Deborah Varnished

I varnished this a long time ago and it was in a gallery for some time.  Now it's back, and I've moved and I can get a good photograph of it.

I'm hoping to get more time to work in my studio now that it is setup in Corvallis.  I am also hoping to get a chance to post more on the blog.

Deborah: 16x24 Oil on Panel