Oct 21, 2011

Allison WIP5

I finally got a chance to rework the arm a little more so that it isn't so ridiculously purple. I also spent a little more time on the face, more still needs to be done in this area.

Now I just have to work on the hair for the next couple of days and I might actually finish this painting by early next week.

Also I won't be posting a face detail because only minor changes were made from the last post.

Allison WIP4

New update of my Allison painting.

I forgot to post this yesterday. This was work done on Wednesday. I spent most of this painting session on the background. I will still need to rework the clouds a little more to make them more softer and less scratchy in places.

I also spent a little time painting the eye, and make a few other alterations to the face.

Oct 18, 2011

Allison WIP3

I spent that last couple of days working on the face. I realize that the last post was too high in contrast. I posted it on a laptop with dim lights and thought that it was a better image than it was. Here is a much better color match of the actual painting.

Also I posted another detail of the face so that you can see what I did on the face. I have almost fully painted it except for the eye. I'll give it a couple of days to dry before I retouch and finish the face.

Oct 14, 2011

I also thought I would take the time to post a larger version of her face. For some reason my larger photographing is coming out blurry. I think it might be from bad lighting and because it is such a big painting.

Allison WIP2

I worked on the arm a little more and got the right coloring for the shoulder. I started using Cad Red for the warms in this painting and kept thinking that it needed to look different in some way. In the back of my mind I kept telling myself that I should try using Venetian Red instead but I didn't do this because I wanted to limit my palette. After many hours of experimentation I finally mixed the right variation of C.Red that fit the painting and it looked identical to Venetian Red. So now I'm just using V.Red instead of C.Red. I should have just listened to my initial instincts, and I probably wouldn't have spent a whole day on just the shoulder.

Also now that I've painted a better representation of the shoulder skin tone I think I need to change the value and the color of the dark half tone. It is way too dark and purpley.

Oct 13, 2011

Allison WIP1

I haven't posted in awhile because I have been busy helping build a playground.

I was cameraless yesterday and couldn't take the work in progress photo just before this current one. So this is two days of work since the last posting. But you can mostly still see the underpainting as it looked yesterday morning.

The new addition since finishing the underpainting is that I painted the shadow shape on her back, a little bit into the dark halftones, and her lower arm. For the background I painted the whole sky. Yes that it tape holding up my painting.

At the time I couldn't seem to find a way to clamp it to the easel without it messing up the sky paint. After I taped the canvas and painted the sky I thought of a way to attach the painting without using tape, so hopefull you won't see those ugly tape stripes again in any of my progress shots.

Oct 7, 2011

Allison Dead Color Background

This is the start of the new painting with only the background painted in a dead color fashion.

Allison Cartoon

This is the start of my next painting transferred onto the canvas.

Oct 5, 2011

Final Final Sean

This is the actual final final painting of Sean, unvarnished.