Nov 5, 2011

Stan Dead Color

Dead color is when you only lay in the basic flat (or dead) color and value of an area. I could simplify the dead coloring by making just one color for the shadow and one for the face. I could also dead color in a more detailed way rounding every little form. There is a great deal of choice for this stage of the painting. Some people skip it altogether and just move onto the direct painting stage after the dry-brush stage.

I find that skipping this layer makes it much harder for me to accurately find the right color scheme and value structure in my paintings. Dead coloring lets me apply very light layers of paint until I get the right color and values for each area before I apply thick layers of paint all over the canvas.

1 comment:

  1. Joseph, you depicted a great expression that says something about Stan. I'm psyched to see the finished work. Rob