Nov 4, 2011

Stan Dry-Brush

Dry-brush painting is where one uses only a very small amount of pigment on one's brush, wipes off the excess paint, and uses the minute number of particles remaining to scrub pigment into the canvas. Generally it is done with Burnt or Raw Umbers because of the dark value and quick drying time.

This is my dry-brush painting of my new painting Stan. I used Burnt umber to block in all of the shadows and the background. The one problem with my dry-brush in this situation is that I did not block in the entire mustache as one value, (I could have done it in two as well with one being the light and one being the shadow of the mustache). By not darkening the light of the mustache I am saying that the light part of it is the same value as the face. I should have made it a value darker than white to give it a darker distinction like I did for the stripes on the tie. In this way it would have described his light mustache as a darker value, but still not as dark as the shadow of the mustache.

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