May 19, 2011

Small Figures: Mike

This pose was actually done at the Sprinkler Factory Atelier run by my friends JoEllen and Chris Reinhardt. As a quick plug for them they run a drop-in figure drawing session at their studio on Tuesday nights at the Sprinkler Factory building, in Worcester, MA on Tuesday nights. For more information go to JoEllen's website

My attempt for this drawing was to work in some cross hatching techniques when I began modeling the form. Let's just say I've at least improved that ability since this drawing.
Mike Sketch

I have dozens of small figure drawings that I did while studying at the New School of Classical Art in Providence. The head instructor of the school was Dana Levin, whose work is pretty fantastic, check out her website if you get a chance ( I plan to highlight each of these small figures individually writing about the process involved and give people insight into the models' lives as well.

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